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We Read to Share

Nina Kabukaeva

United Kingdom

SUBJECT(S) YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE 지식나눔을 실천하고자 하는 과목(들)History: (Russian history), Economics

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO HAVE INTEREST AND JOIN OUR ORGANIZATION? WITHIN YOUR ANSWER, PLEASE DESCRIBE YOUR CHARACTER IN A COUPLE OF SENTENCES. 지원동기, 자기소개I: am interested in joining We Read to Share. I enjoy reading non-fiction books regarding economics and I am willing to enhance my ability of writing book reviews.

WHAT DO YOU SEE YOURSELF DOING IN THE FUTURE? 본인은 미래에 어떤 일을 하고 있을것 같나요?: I see myself studying Economics and History in the university and writing reviews about books will help me to reflect on the knowledge I gained from reading one.

Nina Kabukaeva
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