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Founder's Letter 인사말


Elena Seungeun Lee 이승은

청심국제고등학교 2학년 

Cheongshim International Academy, South Korea


Our Story published in the IPS UN Bureau!

Everything was started by just one girl - Seung Eun.

Things started to change as Seung Eun received an email from a subscriber, who was also a student like her and was wishing to join her youtube channel, sharing her knowledge. Magically, Seung Eun began to receive more and more emails from students all around the world - from Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Canada. That is when Seung Eun decided to expand her channel and have other youth join her channel - so as "We" learn to share.

Moreover, Seung Eun had officially launched We Learn to Share (WLTS) as a formal organization, wishing that WLTS would continually operate actively in the future. She cooperated with many youth members that joined WLTS and had all involved throughout every single process of launching WLTS a formal organization - from devising the corporate structure, dividing various departments, creating membership forms, deciding upload frequencies, making guidelines for lecturers, proposing new activities, scheduling interviews with applicants, and more. Through endless discussions, conflicts and disputes that often rose among members halted and all of the members, as a community, could contribute in making a part of WLTS.

WLTS even today holds regular meetings among members every 2 weeks, operates feedback/proposal forms for all members to reply and many more to continue our journey.


We Learn to Share 가 걸어온 길











We Learn to Share 유튜브 채널 개설

We Learn to Share Youtube channel was founded

유튜브 구독자 1000명 달성

Reached 1K subscribers 

"전세계 학생들의 지식나눔협회" 공식 한국어 명칭과 함께 사업자등록

​한국, 태국, 미국 3개국의 청소년 합류

Students from Korea, Thailand, USA joined

​일본, 필리핀, 인도네시아 3개국의 청소년 합류

Students from Japan, Philippines, Indonesia joined

유튜브 구독자 5000명 달성

Reached 5K subscribers 

​캐나다 1개국의 청소년 합류

Students from Canada joined

​영국, 말레이시아, 모나코 3개국의 청소년 합류

Students from United Kingdom (England), Malaysia, Monaco joined

​유튜브 구독자 6000명 달성

Reached 6K subscribers

​카자흐스탄 1개국의 청소년 합류

Students from Kazachstan joined

​싱가포르, 미국 2개국의 청소년 합류

Students from Singapore and USA joined

유튜브 구독자 7000명 달성

Reached 7K subscribers

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