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Hailey Kim

North London Collegiate Jeju, South Korea

SUBJECT(S) YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE 지식나눔을 실천하고자 하는 과목(들): English (SAT/IGCSE/or just as a 2nd lang), IGCSE History, essay writing

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO HAVE INTEREST AND JOIN OUR ORGANIZATION? 지원동기, 자기소개: When I came across this organization, I felt that it was a great opportunity for a meaningful cause. I am a passionate and ambitious person with aspirations to change the world, and I am a strong advocate for children’s rights who believes that every person should have the right to appropriate education and an opportunity to achieve their dreams. I also love to use my own strengths and talents to help others, especially academically. In this way, I felt that the ambitions and goals of organisation met my own, which prompted me to apply as a member.


I have ample experience with teaching and sharing knowledge, as most of my community service experience was teaching math and english to my peers at local children’s centres who were less fortunate to recieve sophisticated education. I am also part of my school’s peer counseling group, where I help younger students with their IGCSE History and essay writing skills. My history notes are the most in-demand in the whole school! In addition, When I was preparing for this august’s SATs, I was the go-to person for english and I discovered that I was a very good teacher in terms of SAT english. In one sitting, my score was 1570. As for history and English, I kept steady 7s throughout my IGCSE years and obtained a score of A* in both subjects in my IGCSEs. As someone who worked their way up to the top, I know the struggles of liberal arts subjects and how to overcome them. This is why I want to become a teacher of these subjects, to help peers in these fields. Also, the subjects that I have stated above are of my utmost interest and passion, so I believe that I would be very suited to share my knowledge in these subjects.

WHAT DO YOU SEE YOURSELF DOING IN THE FUTURE? 본인은 미래에 어떤 일을 하고 있을것 같나요?:

My ultimate goal is to work in international relations in the United nations. My IB HL choices are History, Global politics, and English L&L, and I am extremely passionate and interested in the goings-on in international politics and relations. I am fascinated by how the actions of political actors shift the climate in the international stage, and I aspire to be a part of such changes in the world, and become a voice for the minorities in influencing such changes.

Hailey Kim
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