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Dana Do-eun Kim

용인한국외국어대학교 부설고등학교 Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies, South Korea

SUBJECT(S) YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE 지식나눔을 실천하고자 하는 과목(들)사회, International Relations, Economics

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO HAVE INTEREST AND JOIN OUR ORGANIZATION? 지원동기, 자기소개: I am interested in economics in education, especially about alleviating the gap between rich and poor. My ultimate career goal is to establish an improved education curriculum for all students around the world. This organization will be the first step in my life long journey to pursue this goal of mine, because I would have the opportunity to contribute in the education sector.

ARE THERE ANY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE (EX. AP SCORES) OR SPECIFIC REASONS WHY YOU WANT TO SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE SUBJECT PICKED ABOVE? 위에 지식나눔을 실천: I have great interest in foreign affairs and is an avid reader of newspapers, op-eds and opinions. I also know much about economics through reading many books such as The Worldly Philosophers and listening to podcasts such as Freakonomics Radio and The Indicator from Planet Money. I haven’t taken the APs yet, but I am planning to.

WHAT DO YOU SEE YOURSELF DOING IN THE FUTURE? 본인은 미래에 어떤 일을 하고 있을것 같나요?:

I see myself working at the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of UN, and later on, researching on how behavioral economics can be used in international affairs. I also want to research about the correlation between meritocracy and economics

Dana Do-eun Kim
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