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Filipino student-led NGO 필리핀 학생교육NGO

Lina is a non-profit organization composed of Filipino highschool students. Due to the pandemic, a large educational gap was brought upon the Philippines’ educational sector. Unfortunately, this has affected the standard curriculum of our country, K-12, as it limited the resources for students to use and learn while being in an online setting. With that, we go by the concept “for students, by students” as our aim is to support and assist underprivileged Filipino students affected by the government’s negligence to their education. Through our platforms, we offer personally made resources by our team such as notes, worksheets, video lessons, and much more to come. By doing this, we hope to “Lina”, the Filipino translation of cultivate, the future of these students. WLTS and Lina is collaborating upon making lecture videos utilizing resources from the Lina platform and also conducting campaigns.

Project Gallery

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