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Won Jong-pil 원종필 관장님

Director of the National Library for the Disabled 국립장애인도서관 관장

Won Jong-pil 원종필 관장님

The Founder of WLTS Seungeun Lee (Elena), conducted an interview with Director Won Jong-pil of the National Library for the Disabled about the right to education for people with disabilities and educational inequality. It was a meaningful time listening and learning about his various stories, including the difficulties and inequalities that Director Won Jong-pil, who is visually impaired himself, has personally experienced, the works of the National Library for the Disabled, and ways to ensure the learning rights of people with disabilities and resolve educational inequality in the future. The full interview video will soon be uploaded to YouTube. We want to express our gratitude to Director Won Jong-pil and the staff at the National Library for the Disabled for their kind acceptance of the interview request and assistance with the location.

#WeLearntoShare #wlts_interview

WLTS 설립자 이승은 학생이 국립장애인도서관의 원종필 관장님을 만나 장애인의 학습권과 교육불평등에 대해서 인터뷰를 진행하였습니다. 시각장애인이신 원종필 관장님의 이야기와 직접 겪으셨던 어려움과 불평등, 국립장애인도서관이 하는 일과 향후 장애인 학습권 보장과 교육불평등 해소를 위한 방안 등 다양한 이야기를 듣고 배울 수 있어서 의미있는 시간이었습니다. 전체 인터뷰 영상은 곧 유튜브에 업로드 될 예정입니다. 바쁘신데도 인터뷰 요청을 흔쾌히 허락해주시고 장소 협조에 도와주신 원종필 관장님과 국립장애인도서관 관계자분들께 감사드립니다.

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